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However, we cannot browse to websites. Chrome and Firefox just sit forever waiting for data from the remote server. To test my VPN connection, I tethered my phone to my PC and logged in to the VPN. Websites load perfectly. Other people have written about frequent TCP disconnections and poor connectivity on unitymedia (DE, English version here), but I believe they are going farther. @BackiO7 @vodafoneservice #unitymedia #vodafone #HomeOffcie Toller Ausfall 40489 Düsseldorf @stoerunglive #unitymedia könnte derzeit Probleme haben. Aktuelle Live Meldungen zum Thema #unitymediadown unter t.co/Z3An9AWF6K @aliriza881 @vodafone_de O2 und vodafone sind die schlechtesten dsl anbieter in Deutschland. War jahre lang kunde bei unitymedia und immer sehr zufrieden. Bis vodafone es abgekauft hat. Seit her nur probleme. Niemals wieder The invoices will be emailed to the purchasing email account. If you have mistakenly deleted the email, please contact Unity support with the details of the purchase so that we can search the invoice in our systems.

@AlexanderLampe5 ? bis @unitymediahilfe, da Schlechter… Unitymedia in Deutschland: Geschwindigkeit, Leistung, Ausfälle und Benutzerkritiken ? t.co/mg7Nzby8eV @flashfingaz hey #unitymedia @vodafoneservice ich versuche seit ner stunde provisionierung fuer meine 6591 einzutueten. via webseite wird auf den chat verwiesen, der verweist aufs telefon. dort try 1: gespraech wird beim vermitteln zum service beendet try2: angeblich eine stoerung (1/2) @retrokram Hey @vodafoneservice, irgendwelche bekannten Störungen für 61381 Friedrichsdorf und ab wann darf man wieder mit Internetz rechnen? #unitymedia #hessen //… me hat auch einige Probleme t.co/nMH9zYJLeu t.co/h66yqGEI8a what is the best isp to use in germany with vpn ? I also have unitymedia and I had until yesterday the old router, all was fine and pia worked fine with it, no throttling. But then I got an email from them with the new router the white standing one. I took it and as soon as I installed it I notice that my pia vpn connection was “squeezed” from 50mbit/s to 0.1 per sec !!! without pia the speed is 50mbit/s The new router has a software configuration that will detect your vpn and will throttle it. so… what is the best isp to use in germany with vpn ? @charlylongin @vodafoneservice @vodafone_de Totalausfall in 76287 Rheinstetten (Unitymedia). Was ist denn bei Euch schon wieder los? #unitymediastörung #TotalausfallFestnetz #unitymedia @Kaffeeaulait @vodafoneservice arbeitet man bereits an der Lösung der Störung in Düsseldorf? Wir sind aufs Home-Office angewiesen wie viele andere. #unitymedia #vodafone #homeoffice @KartunFN ich werde niemals verstehen warum vodafone unitymedia abgekauft hat ich schwöre auf meine mutter seit dem die das gemacht haben hab ich probleme mit unitymedia noch nie 1 einziges gehabt Since the most common use for a VPN is to get around region restrictions (honourable mention to YouTube DE and GEMA) or to download copyrighted content illegally, I thought torrenting Ubuntu 14.04 would be a good example use case. Last year, some changes were made on how invoices from your subscription are received.

These changes were made to tighten our security system in order to protect our users’ information from being exposed by any mistake that we may have in our automated mailing system. See above article on how to find this on your account for any future invoices you will need to download. DPI is used by Unitymedia as they are the only ones in Germany with contracts with several lawyer companies hired by music companies and film producers to find illegal downloads. unitymedia is a German ISP, and I made the unfortunate choice of using them as my internet service provider.

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